About us

The technologies available today make it possible to create real digital conversations through polls or surveys.

Spoking Polls is a company specializing in the implementation of survey and conversational solutions for BtB companies. We are both publisher and service provider in the field of studies, customer satisfaction and conversational feedback.

Our platform accessible in SaaS mode allows you to create polls and surveys, to manage a unique relationship with the respondent but also to generate actions that will enrich your customer relations.

Spoking Polls in its smart survey version can also be integrated into your marketing automation and CRM solutions.

With Spoking Polls you can create a completely integrated technical solution that will allow you to have a unique and personalized relationship with your customers without additional investments. Our consulting teams and our community will also help you to set up your surveys and to exploit both the commercial and the marketing studies that you can conduct through our platform.

Our customers

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